Happy 256th Birthday, Mr. William Blake!

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Happy 256th Birthday, Mr. William Blake!

And Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

I can’t believe it’s been a year since I posted the first five pages of The Poet and the Flea to this blog! This has been such a rewarding experience thus far and I’m excited to continue sharing my work with Blake scholars and graphic novel enthusiasts alike. 🙂

PLANS for The Poet and the Flea:

  • RESEARCH: This past summer, I read Alexander Gilchrist’s Life of William Blake cover to cover. I also read through The Blake Book from the Tate and have reread a number of Blake’s poetry. For my birthday in October, I procured a copy of The Stranger from Paradise: A Biography of William Blake by G. E. Bentley Jr. I’m about 200 pages into Stranger, and it has been immensely inspiring and helpful so far. 🙂 If anyone has any exceptional biographical recommendations, I would be very glad to hear them!
  • SCRIPT: The first 9 pages of the written script are equivalent to the first 30 pages of the finished graphic novel. Currently, I have 41 solid pages and 29 not-so-solid pages of script. This means I have about 70 pages of script in total and I intend on keeping the script no more than 75 pages. When I  feel 100% satisfied with my research, I plan on really polishing the script!
  • NEW PAGES: After I finish reading Stranger,  I hope to dedicate at least a full month (hopefully December)  to really focus on the next 10 illustrated pages (p. 31-40). I’m very excited to take this next step forward with The Poet and the Flea.
  • AGENTS/PUBLISHERS: I am currently seeking representation for The Poet and the Flea and plan on continuing to submit query letters. I also hope to attend a number of book fairs so I can continue to scope out agents and publishers. If anyone has any recommendations in terms of agents and/or publishers interested in graphic novels, I would be much obliged!
  • TO BE ANNOUNCED: I currently have an unexpected and thrilling Flea-related something in the works. More details to come!

How can you help support The Poet and the Flea? Please spread the word through Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, etc. And don’t forget to check out my online store thepoetandtheflea.storenvy.com!

Many thanks and kind regards,

G. E.


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Copyright 2013 by G. E. Gallas


About gegallas

G. E. Gallas is a writer and illustrator best known for her graphic novel The Poet and the Flea about William Blake and her short film Death Is No Bad Friend about Robert Louis Stevenson. Originally from Washington, D. C., she spent her year abroad in Tokyo, Japan and graduated from New York University: Gallatin School of Individualized Study with a major involving cross-cultural storytelling. Last year, she attended the Cannes International Film Festival and spoke upon invitation to The Blake Society, London. This year, her illustrations were featured in Scared Stiff: Everything You Need To Know About 50 Famous Phobias. She is currently working on illustrations for Do More Good. Better. View all posts by gegallas

10 responses to “Happy 256th Birthday, Mr. William Blake!

  • wscstgrl

    I am completely enjoying following your progress and wish you the best if luck with your project!

  • Jo Dunn

    thanks for this update – good luck – it sounds great 🙂

  • karmaquinta

    Peter Ackroyd;s biography of Blake is pretty good, especially as it brings London of the time to life and really puts Blake into the context of very much being a man, albeit an exceptional one, of his time. 😀 I have not read the biographies that you mention . . . but I will look out for them. I first become mesmerised by Blake when I was about 10 or 11 . . . and I still return to him regularly. Lovely blog, and very good luck with the project.

    • gegallas

      Thank you very much for the recommendation — I’ll check it out! 😀 I highly recommend The Stranger from Paradise — it’s incredibly written and does a wonderful job intertwining various historical accounts of Blake.

      I’m absolutely delighted to have such a devoted Blake fan reading my blog!!! Your photos of Portugal make me want to hop on the next plane!

      Best regards,

      G. E.

  • M. C. Dulac

    I love that you have chosen Blake as your inspiration and subject. “Some are born to sweet delight and some are born to endless night” is the type of poetry that seeps into your soul! And he was a bit of a proto-indie writer too – a self publisher who illustrated his own covers! He would have enjoyed being alive today. Good luck with your projects. The Robert Louis Stevenson in California project sounds fascinating. I always love coming by this blog!

    • gegallas

      Thank you very much for your lovely comment!!

      “Some are born to sweet delight, Some are born to endless night” — one of my favorite Blake quotes. Yes, he really was like an indie zinester — printing his own books and handing them out amongst his friends!

      More on the Robert Louis Stevenson project in January. So keep your peepers peeled!

      I’m really enjoying your recent illustrations — technology with legs! — as well as your Hermes piece. 😀


      G. E.

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