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Introduction: The Story

Ladies and Gentleman:

Thank you for joining me. There are demons among us, so proceed at your own risk. Or perhaps you are intrigued by the occult? Then you have come to the right place.

The Poet and the Flea

Ode to William Blake

A Graphic Novel

by G. E. Gallas

The Story: The Poet and the Flea is a reimagining of the life of the poet-painter William Blake. Set in 1790, at the onset of The Industrial Revolution, William suffers from the death of his beloved younger brother, Robert. Catherine (Kate) Blake attempts to comfort her husband, but cannot dispel his grief. During this spell of anxiety, William is visited by an ominous creature: The Ghost of the Flea. The Flea reveals an invested interest in William’s spiritual well-being — the result of an unorthodox wager. Will William triumph over The Flea’s sinister meddling? Or will he fall victim to The Flea’s corruption?

There is no turning back now…


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Copyright 2012 by G. E. Gallas